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A Lover’s Paradox is the original work of Houston A.W. Knight and as such is protected under International Copyright laws. It is for online viewing purposes and may not be copied, saved, reproduced or distributed without permission.

Review of A Lover’s Paradox By Book Reviewer, Dottie
Tink’s Place:

Sage De Faber’s Love for Beowulf Bound The Future With The Past Yet It All Took Place In The Present

Sage is the personal remote viewer of Autocrat Kyros the leader and ruler of Lamuria. She is one who seeks the vision quests of the past, present, and future, the guiding hand of the Autocrat. Vito, her long time mentor and friend, has provided the light that leads her life since she was only a toddler; seeing in her the greater power that lies within her soul. But Vito is worried, possibly Sage is too stressed and deserves a much needed rest.

Beowulf, sometime pirate and all the time womanizer, spies Sage on her Vito-imposed vacation. He hopes to at least win a night is this beauty’s arms. But, he settles for a brief and passionate kiss as he and his pirates board her water-airship to loot it of its treasure. Little does he know the great power that the tiny beauty will weave around his heart, mind, and body.

King Ivor, a dastardly fellow captured in Sage’s last vision quest, is the ruler of Denverlite and married to the evil Zorina. He bears an uncanny resembles to Sage’s Autocrat Kyros. What can this mean? If one looks closely enough, Ivor is striking similarity to the pirate, Beowulf, as well curiouser.

How can three people be one? As Sage delves deeper into the truth, the history of Lamuria will be re-written. Faeries, mystical happenings, druids, and the legend of lore long forgotten will be found as truth. What will this mean to Lamurians, Denverlites, and the people of Earth. Only the druid magic may be able to save the human race now.

A Lover’s Paradox by Houston A.W. Knight weaves a tale where druid magic remains alive, where mystical forces work through the lives of the characters, and where visions of the past, present, and future can be used to guide the fallible human hands. Many things have happened to the Earth in the 10,000 centuries since it’s birth, the question is, can it survive to live on in the future or perish from the greed of the power hungry; only Sage’s guiding hand can help them find out.

Sage is a powerful seer missing one thing is her lonely life, love. She pushes away from love, afraid to let herself feel her heart’s deepest desire. She has felt the love of family and mentor, but can she withstand the love and desire of the man who wants her heart.

Beowulf is a swash buckling pirate with a secret mission, to find the family he has never had; to feel the love of a family yet to be created. Beowulf is a misunderstood hero seen as a womanizer while he’s searching for the one thing he can’t buy or steal, the love of a family and a true guiding force in his life; the love of one he can hold dear.

Together Sage and Beowulf can find love and happiness, but only with faith. Can Beowulf accept Sage’s druidic powers and will she be able to trust his pirate’s lust for life?

I fell in love with these two characters as they grew and changed; learning to live, love, and trust their hearts to one another. A Lover’s Paradox was a fast fun read. It brings together the romantic feeling of a historical romance and that of pure fantasy at its best. There’s mystery and magical intrigue can keeps the story flowing and makes the reader want to know more about these beautiful characters, and about the druidic powers Sage can control. The druidic magic that may hold the answers to the secrets of the past, present, and future; the answers that may decide if man lives on or perishes. I can highly recommend A Lover’s Paradox for the reader who likes to take a step outside of reality and become embroiled in the fantasy that is A Lover’s Paradox. It’s a great read that brings your imagination to life.



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