About Me


I guess you could say my love for storytelling started very young. My twin and I got our first Barbies when we were about six, and whenever we could, we’d “play dolls” as we called it. But we didn’t play like other little girls, who’d shake their doll, changes her clothes then remove them and put a new outfit on…that was it!!! That was it??? That was it.

That’s how our neighborhood girlfriend played with her Barbie…today, I’d call that a very boring book! My twin and I weren’t about boring, no, no, no…we created a storyline, with a buildup and a Climax. Remember, when I was young James Bond 007 and Elvis were the popular movies, so our Barbies were involved in a lot of hot, sexy, spy stuff! After all, Venus and Champagne were heroines!

Years later I overheard my mother telling her friend how she missed sneaking over to our bedroom door to eavesdrop on our “playing dolls”. She told her friend how creative we’d been in our stories and missed the tales we weaved.

So that was my beginning into story telling…and through the years to weave a good tale has never left me. As I grew older my love of science, history and my personal experiences with the paranormal has left me well versed in the study of many things that give inspiration to my novels…I tend to write with a unique voice in my out of the box kind of style of storytelling. My first submission was a short story about my personal situation with an Out Of Body experience. It was published in a Tampa Literary Magazine.

I’m a PRO member of RWA and its affiliate chapter, Tampa Area Romance Authors. Off and On though my membership with TARA I’ve held an extended chair position. I am actively pursuing my craft in what I intend to make a lifelong career as a published author.

I hope you’re enjoying my blog!


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